In 2023, Imagine was founded by Len Perroots who is a veteran in the financial services marketing business. Len has been in the financial services business for over 30 years and has a history of creating success for his clients. A speaker, author, and entrepreneur, Len has impacted the lives of thousands over his career.

Beginning his career in A.L. Williams in 1991, Len learned the industry and went on to pursue successful careers in World Marketing Alliance, State Farm and Hegemon Group International, earning distinguished awards and recognition along the way for helping clients with their financial needs.

In 2023, Len formed Imagine, which is comprised of 3 different units:

- Imagine Insurance Group, LLC - A nationally-licensed insurance brokerage and Insurance Marketing Organization (IMO)

- Imagine Marketing, LLC - a financial services marketing company with one main purpose - to provide financial marketers with the tools and training that they need to become successful.

- Imagine Innovative Passive Income - A Mastermind Group that educates on various strategies that can potentially build Passive Income.